31 Days of Harry Potter

A tale of the 46 hours and 30 minutes spent with HP enthusiasts like me... What could be more magnificent?

One More for the Road

It was a blast! 

The class was wonderful and would not have been the same without some key people. No offense to everyone else, but Isaac has to be the most wonderful person in the universe. I will never forget the “semicolons are cute” talk. Rebecca, having something to say no matter what the topic was, and never afraid to express her opinion. Madeline’s ability to piss of Foley with her random stories of who got drunk and passed out in the middle of the street and somehow an iphone ended up in her purse. Quiet Club sitting farthest from the door… and so much more.

Of course, there is always Foley. She brought a main course of cynicism to the table with a side of rowdy. My favorite line upon entering class was the good old “who doesn’t want to be here… yeah, me neither.” The class would not have been quite the same without her. Only Foley would be able to put up with the madness of a bunch of Harry Potter enthused crazies that just want to talk about the books. It was amazing she managed to fit in so much rhetoric with us turning on her.

Thank you everyone for making it a lovely semester, you all brought your own personality to the class and it made for a unique and fun time. 

Stay Awesome!!!

I Love Fallacies!

Once again… looking back on other posts because I am looking for more things to write about… I found some stuff on fallacies. I am absolutely in love with them!!

Before, you read the paper/whatever and come across something where you just have to say “that is ridiculous” but you could never justify it. As we read over all the different kind of fallacies and they were given names, I slowly began to see what ridiculous could equal!

(I feel super nerdy but I will continue)

It was magnificent, seeing how the writers could play on your emotions, ethics, morals… simply fabulous. Upon entering the paper after we had argued against someone addressing their facts as actual fallacies, I was so afraid of using fallacies that I threw my unclearness out the window and turned to pure proof. Definitely the wrong way to go. I had none of my own thoughts in there just the proof from other people. But, I found that happy medium with some good advice from Foley. She said, “use fallacies all you want as long as I don’t pick up on them.”

Well hot dog! Who knew there was a good middle ground between ridiculous fallacies and just fallacies… apparently I did not. 

Yet another good lesson learned in writing through Foley.

Clarity… Again

I was looking back on older posts and read mine about clarity…

Yup, it was definitely not my forte there in the beginning. I tested out of the basic English and rhetoric classes in high school, so I never got to experience a college writing class before HP. It was an awakening that I was not so fond of but overall helped out quite a bit.

Before, in high school that is, I tried to sound smart and it was working for me (when you get an A on a paper, you don’t really question it, ya know). I never realized that I could write more clearly and still managed to sound smart with an understanding of what I was writing about. It was really frustrating when I kept getting “you suck at life” on my papers, “good start but keep working on simplifying.” I would like to think that I have come a long way since that first paper we wrote because it was most definitely poop, but you never know. I got to the point where I felt confident about what I was turning in rather than grinding my teeth in contemplation about what mediocre grade I would get next.

Anyway, long story short, I enjoyed the class for helping my writing and getting me to convey a point without making life complicated. Even if I am still not clear enough for Foley, I am happy with how my writing has turned out lately.


For Your Information… I hate revisions. They are poop.

By the time I get the paper back, I have stared at it so much that I want to punch it in the face and never think about it again. Especially when it is the final paper in HP and I have looked at this argument for countless hours. It was the very last thing I had to do, minus finishing these blogs, and I am just done. It took me twice as long as it should have because I couldn’t focus to save my life. I am happy to say I never have to officially take a side on a HP controversy, form an argument, prove that argument, and to add a cherry on top, find someone that opposes me and argue against them by pointing out their fallacies.

See what I mean, too much to handle right now. Or should I say, I don’t want to handle right now. I had some problems with my transitions in this last one, and couldn’t get it to flow. It was so choppy, bouncing from idea to idea. I knew it was when I turned it in but I had 2 other papers due that day and was unsuccessful at fixing them in a timely manor. Needless to say, with the revision due today. I think I made some good changes but you will never know until you get the grade from Foley.

Whenever I think my writing is a suckfest, it turns out I get a good grade. When ever I think I do fabulous, long story short, I should think again.

A Gift for Future HP

Let’s start off with the fact that Foley will not put up with any bologna. If you are expecting, like Madeline, to be put into houses upon entering the class, think again. It is definitely safe to say first and foremost that Foley considers HP a rhetoric class. Yes, you get to argue about Harry Potter in your papers, but that is the extent.

In class, you will discuss clarity, your standard ethos, logos, and pathos as well as fallacies in other people’s arguments. Funness is what you are thinking… I can tell. But really not too bad.

To be honest, I liked most of the discussions. While Foley thought I was too quiet, and would force me to talk. I really rather enjoyed hearing what my classmates had to offer. She assigned challenging papers and expected a lot from us, but I think it was for the best.

I learned that I do way better in literary analysis rather than rhetoric classes because I am able to make things sound “complicated” and unclear. It was a slight struggle to come out of the 20 year slump of confusing writing, but Foley helped me with that (like I said no bologna) and wouldn’t let scoot by.

Overall, I learned a lot about my writing and how to fix my problem areas. Who doesn’t love golden oreos… you will soon understand. By the way, totally my new favorite cookie thanks to Foley!

For Taylor

A translation… turkeys= unlucky people, losers if you will

For all You other Turkeys…

I am done, with tests that is… So for all you other turkeys still having to study, I am dreadfully sorry.

I have spent a total of 23 hours in the past 3 days in the J west lobby, I know how did I get so lucky but I am sure you don’t have 2 dozen cupcakes with you either. 

Chocolate cake with cherry filling and a toasted meringue topping, chocolate on chocolate, black and white, red velvet, cookies and cream, banana chocolate… and so much more! 

Of course, along with studying comes procrastination. I made a discoveries, with the help of some friends that I thought would be fun to share and it is rather controversial as well. 

chatroulette. According to the wikipedia definition (I know reliable), “is a Russian based website that pairs random strangers with others from around the world together for webcam-based conversations.” Good or Bad?! While yes, it is a fun 15 minute study break, or 30 minutes, that allows you to say “yes, I am not on facebook,” it is rather risk-ay. Definitely not appropriate for a younger crowd. Many times a person pops up that you find “enjoying themselves” a little too much for anyone else to join in on. Articles in the New York Times have discussed the controversy about the website containing too much adult content for it to be so easily accessible but nothing has been done to put a stop to it. When the site has its own skit on SNL and is displayed on Tosh.O, you know you have a winner on your hands.


It is official, I hate blogging. Therefore, it is obvious that I need to whip out some blog postings and I am sorry for the randomness of it all. I thought I would throw out my favorite assignements for the semester… I loved the last two mini papers and the final paper. From hearing in class, not too many were jazzed about the formal, journal, mini paper. I must say that I rather enjoyed. My clarity was poop, I will be the first to admit it, so I could finally use my mumbo jumbo and not get lectured by Foley for it. I think the thing I liked about the assignments was that I could mirror someone else’s writing. The hardest part for me is getting started, where do I want to go and how will I organize the paper. It is way easier when you have a distinct style to follow and are allowed to have fun with it. I learned that I am more attracted to emotional appeals than anything else, and really dislike ready things with big words, acememic articles are not my friend. Boredom sets in quickly and mindless reading sets in soon after, you know the kind where you are reading and then say what the hell did I just read kind. I loved the blogs mostly because of the emotionalness of it. Pulling on heartstrings of the past and current event jokes. Although not what I expected, it was fun and I learned a lot.

Hitler’s Speech…

I cannot get the day that we discussed his speech in class out of my mind.

I thought yes! This guy had some amazing speeches working on his side. The confidence, and hope he provided for a lost and struggling nation was astounding. He not only addressed all the poeple’s grievances but gave them solutions. Of course he was wanted power and judging by his speech he knew what to do to get it.

Of course, he was terrible for what he did once he gained the power and no one should be excused for the crimes he committed.

In class, hearig Rebecca get rowdy about this speach and the rediculousness of the man behind it; I couldn’t help but think Hitler is still influential. He wanted to evoke emotion through his speech and yes, although he wanted positive followers rather than hotile oppoents, he has won. He brought about those emotions in Rebecca and influenced her outbursts (although they were negative).

The point is Hitler was on a mission, he wasn’t worried if random people didn’t like him because he had the support of the nation. I believe he has gotten what he wants and more. He has become immortal. Hitler will never truly die until he is forgotten… but how when history is staring us in the face. He has yet to stop stirring up emotions whether it be in Rebecca as hatred or a man with a Swastika tattoo supporting white supremecy and idolizig Hitler.